Opposites attract 😍

We have an inborn instinct to like people with opposite characterisation. It may not be 100% true in all scenarios… but mostly!

This not only applies for our life partners but also our friends. We may be a gang of friends with similar tastes but mostly I have noticed that we become besties with persons who are our opposites. Like an emotional one with a practical one, a funny one with a serious one and so on!

So just to depict this thought and also to try out sky backgrounds with water colours, I painted this one. Please let me know how you like it! 😊😊


The best medicine for almost everything β€οΈ

For all that music has given me in my life, I wanted to sketch this as a sign of gratitude. It never lets me feel lonely and has its own way of consoling me. Pardon me if there are any musicians out there who wanna blame me for the shape of instruments. 🀨 I am just a fan and I have tried my best.

Feel free to comment 😊😊

For the love of Disney

I was thinking about my next post and baaammm!!! All of a sudden Disney came to my mind. Why wouldn’t it? My room is still filled with the posters and stickers of these characters. As a child I enjoyed drawing them more than seeing the cartoons in TV. I even displayed one in school πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ So that was how much I was crazy about them. Especially Mickey and Minnie ❀

So I thought why shouldn’t I sketch all these close to my heart characters of Disney.


Lion King was the first animation movie my dad got me. OMG!! I was awestruck. Of course Frozen was something that I saw when I was a grown-up. But how can I leave Olaf while making a Disney post πŸ˜€ I know I am missing the most beautiful princesses of Disney but I am saving it for another post πŸ˜›

Hope you guys loved it πŸ™‚ ❀ ❀

Bottled up emotions

Bottled-up emotions.. That’s the worst punishment we can give ourselves. It starts with the feeling of jealousy, grows with inferiority complex and finally all these unwanted emotions bottle-up and turns into our worst nightmare. Have you compared yourself with someone? Oh come on. We do it daily or at least once in a while. Occasional comparison is fine, but it becomes a problem when you get obsessed with it. It pushes you to a point where you don’t like yourself. What good will it do to you or to anyone around you for that matter?


I was thinking about why people tend to keep their feelings within themselves. May be they think being emotional is a weakness and they want others to think that they are very strong. In the past they might have let out their feelings and it did not go well. How we should be should never be determined for the convenience of others. People around you will hardly spend anytime talking or even thinking about you. So why make decisions that involve their thoughts? Suppressing your feelings will force you to vent it out in other ways like drinking, smoking or anything you will never think of when you are normal and happy. It’s medically proven that many heart attacks are due to this pressure inside you. Why weaken yourself for the sake of what others will think about you? The world is judgmental. You just need to learn to not give a damn.

It’s very easy to give an advise. But it’s very difficult to follow it. I won’t say I have never bottled-up my feelings. But at one point I realized that it’s of no use to do such a stupid thing. I started to let go of myself. I felt way lighter and happier. So these days I make it a point to be me. Hope you liked my post. Do comment your views. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚



The voice of silence

#loveart #colorpencil #wooden #handlettering #silence #sketch #quotes Right from my childhood, all the positive motivating advise to me would be to speak up, talk what is in your mind, don’t hesitate to say what you feel and stuffs like that. But when I grew up I saw that often people say stuffs on the spur of the moment and regret about it later. So sometimes, being silent gives you a lot.There are situations when you need to speak for yourself and also situations when being silent is the best you can do. But I see people mixing it up and they end up doing it the other way around. We should be wise or atleast lucky to react in the right way. I sketched this to remind myself the importance of Silence and the power it gives you. It allows you to think. It gives you space to be yourself. So never hesitate to have some silence in your life.