Ideal mind is devil’s workshop

The title is a very common proverb we all know. Today I thought of seeing it from a different perspective. Do any of us in this period of time even know what an ideal mind is? Our mind is always in a state of something called partially active. Ok..For example what do we do in our free time? It’s either Facebook or Insta or YouTube or Amazon prime or Netflix . Right?? A few years back we actually had free time. Atleast for few minutes. After dinner when we switch off the tv and go to bed, the few minutes before we fall asleep was ideal time. When we did not have any good programs in tv, we had free time. But now we actually have free time when the phone is dead and there’s no current. I even thought about writing this during one such time. What I felt was we are spending very less time thinking. I am not telling that we will all become Isaac Newton if we stop using phone. But ideal time helps us to self analyse ourselves. Ideal mind need not always be devil’s workshop. Sometimes great ideas are born during ideal times. These days we just scroll through news feeds or whatsapp messages and laugh at the videos people send us. We have lost ourselves trying to keep us occupied. Once in a while try doing nothing. May be it will bring us some peace and happiness. It’s just a spur of the moment write up. But I really wanted to put it down here.

Sleep like a baby


Now what can I tell about sleep which no one knows already? From my own experience I feel, sleep is the most underrated daily routine of our lifestyle. Guess why? Unlike bathing or eating, the repercussions of sleep deprived people take their time to surface. But everyone can sense the difference in freshness when they have a good deep sleep the previous night. I am not here to tell you the medical details. There are several articles for that πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ But believe me. I feel jealous of people who go to deep sleep in minutes or even seconds after they go to bed. With a healthy and balanced lifestyle even we can be that person. So always try to “Sleep like a baby” is my advice to you today πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

Prisoner by choice


Freedom is not something that is offered to you. It is something you take on your own. Many of us build a high wall around ourselves, stay as prisoners and blame our situation which we created in the first place. Often we stop ourselves from doing stuffs because we over-think about what people around us would comment. No matter what you do, how well you do, there is someone who is not satisfied. It is impossible to satisfy everyone and it is important to satisfy your own self. This is not being selfish. It’s respecting yourself. Live life on your own terms. Mistakes may happen and at that point blame yourself and correct it. That’s how we get better. Take full responsibility of your happiness and sadness and you will no longer be a prisoner.




Live.. Travel.. Adventure



Enjoying your own company is a feeling you can understand only by experiencing. I am basically not suitable for this. This was the thought I always used to have. But I wanted to challenge myself. For the past few months I tried to explore my own self and see if I liked it. Don’t think I started with taking trips alone. It will take a very long time :D. I started by taking baby steps like spending less time in Social media and stuffs and writing blogs, drawing and doing things that I love. Believe it or not, I felt more complete. I used to be this person who gets bored too quick. But when you start enjoying to be alone, your happiness becomes totally independent. All of you try it out and maybe initially it may feel bad but once you get in track and start feeling the essence of it, no one can stop you. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Be Unique. Be Awesome.

It is always better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not. We lead most of our lives trying to fit in.


We try to achieve the so called ‘Accomplishments’ which we never wanted to in the first place. We do stuffs just because they had to be done. No matter how much we accomplish, there is always someone better than us. So we finally understand that we should never compare ourselves to others. What if we get this enlightenment at an earlier stage of life. I wish I got it early. I would not have wasted my life trying to please anybody.

Actually Goal is a very over-rated word. I hate it when I hear “Set a Goal”, “Follow your Dreams”. I would like to hear “Live your Life”, “Do what feels good” and stuffs like that. Because this “Goal” gives you the pressure to think and finalize something as your dream and most of the people loose so much precious time trying to figure out their dream. I always believe that there is no one specific goal. Goals to me are mostly short-termed. If you love doing something just continue doing it until you feel bored. And when you feel bored, you can do something else. Life is that simple.

Life without expressions is boring

Life is too short to be all grumpy and silent. Its only fair to express what you feel. This sudden sense of appreciation for being expressive came to me when I watched a movie “Mercury” (Tamil) which was a silent sound movie. To be honest at first I was reluctant to watch it because for a Silent movie I thought the duration was a bit too long. But apparently I ended up loving the movie and did not feel bored for even a minute. So as an expression of love for this movie I thought of drawing a Mime artist expression.


I am very selective when it comes to being open. Not everyone around me knows exactly how I feel and all. It has its own pros and cons. I don’t mean people should be expressive and open about all their feelings, both love and hatred. What I mean to say is, we have a very short life span and the least we can do is spread positivity and love. If u like something about someone, just say it to them. Be expressive about what you love. Most of the issues around us are caused because our people express hatred more than love. At least I used to do so. But one fine day I stopped doing it because I felt likeΒ  I am ruining all my good things in life by being so grumpy. And now my life is so good πŸ™‚ ❀ We should constantly be open and appreciative about all the goodness around us. That will make our lives more happier.

Angel in you


Never let go of the angel in you, no matter how hard life pushes you. We may face so many bad things in life, but holding on to the goodness in you is the best thing you can do. It shows the will power in you. If you are influenced by the characters around you and loose your own self, it is as bad as failing. Be yourself no matter what. The happiness that gives is immense. Your besties and close-ones see something unique in you. Hold on to it. Always be the self-made person you once were.

In life we always meet so may people daily. Everyone teaches us something. Some teach us how to live and some teach us how not to. Always acknowledge the goodness you see around you and be blind to the badness. Its a boon to be able to notice the good things in your life. It makes our lives so peaceful.

In short be kind and grateful to the life you have and cherish the wonderful people who are part of your life.

Time heals…


Something which is a big deal to you today will seem silly in a couple of months. Its always good for you to give the time needed to resolve any problem. This suits to all the issues that we face. Give it enough time and it will solve by itself.


Study of feet

In the process of getting to know the anatomy of feet!

There are so many poses and to tell the truth I was terrified in the beginning. But once I started drawing, I enjoyed it.. the variety of poses were actually interesting to get to know.

I have drawn four favourite poses of mine. Hope you like it! 😊😊